About Us

Voyager Elementary
1540 Byron Road, Howell MI 48843

B -Be Bucket Fillers; E -Give our Best Effort; S -Be Safe; T -Take Responsibility
Voyager Elementary School, in partnership with families and the community, seeks to inspire all children to achieve academically, to be their personal B.E.S.T. and to become enthusiastic life-long learners.

Principal: Mindy McGinn
School Hours: 8:50 a.m. - 3:40 p.m.
Main Office: 517.552.7500
Attendance: 517.552.7506
Fax: 517.552.7519

School Email Address:parentlink.voyager@howellschools.com

  Voyager Vision Statement

Voyager will be an exemplary school fostering higher level thinking and respect for individuality, thus preparing successful citizens for the 21st century.

 We believe…

…All students can learn and be successful.
…All students have something to contribute.
…Relationships foster learning.
…In holding high expectations.
…In educating the whole child.
...In collaboration.
…In joyful learning.

We will...

...Analyze, reflect and plan according to data.
...Use best practices.
...Share data with students.
...Create a PLC around student data.
...Teach students to relfect and set personal goals.
...Provide hands on, real-life instruction.
...Utilize a wide variety of resources.
...Build relationships with students.
...Celebrate success.
...Celebrate what's right in the world.
...Recognize the basic needs of students.
...Set clear expectations for all stakeholders.
...Implement differentiated instruction based upon student needs.
...Provide opportunities for students to think critically and solve problems.
...Continue to learn.

School Improvement:

Curriculum Committee:

  • Science Curriculum - Pam Dorer, 4th Grade Teacher
  • ELA Curriculum - Kristin Keddle, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Social Studies Curriculum - Beth Baker, 5th Grade Teacher
  • Math Curriculum - Allison Cosgrove, 2nd Grade Teacher

PBS Committee:

  • Dan Holmes - Physical Education Teacher
  • Gay Lundin - Art Education Teacher
  • Mindy McGinn - Principal
  • Christine Schoendorff - Music Teacher
  • Terry Thelen - Technology Teacher

Steering Committee:

  • Jennifer Hibbard - 5th Grade Teacher
  • Carol Holmes - 1st Grade Teacher
  • Ashley Jolin - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Peggy Gerrits - Parent Representative
  • Dan Holmes - Physical Education Teacher
  • Kristin Keddle - 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Karen Lippowiths - Parent Representative
  • Kathy Malewitz - 4th Grade Teacher
  • Mindy McGinn - Principal
  • Tammy Meisel - Library Services Coordinator
  • Sue Rodman - 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Joy Williams - Instructional Coach
  • Theresa Sawyer - Resource Room
  • Jennifer Starkey - Counselor
  • Marisa Hutchinson - Psychologist
  • Lindsey Harr-Smith - Speech 
Other Information:

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