Positive Behavior System

Voyager Elementary is using the Positive Behavior System in our School!  Please see the Artroom's matrix.

Mrs. Lundin’s Art Room Expectations






Art Room













Art Work







Enrichment Centers,

Free Time


Thinking Portfolios




Art Jobs


Clean up Time


Bucket Filler


Be kind to your classmates when you

are getting or giving directions.



Follow directions the first time; ask three before you ask me! All Ears!


Encourage others who need help, use kind words. Be positive and look for the good.



Share your art materials equally, wait your turn and be kind while you



Be polite with your classmates, share art materials and use kind words.


Do your art job and be respectful, Did you “ask” rather than “tell” your classmates?





Do your best the first time!  Effort is more important in art than your finished work!


Listening takes effort, watch the teachers face and be ready to listen when she speaks!


Be a Detail freak!

Looking for details and doing your beset makes great art!


Take care of Mrs. Lundin’s art stuff; she tries to give you the very best materials!


Do your best work on the art project before going to the Enrichment Center?


Was your team job done well? Is your area clean and ready for the next class?



Safety First


Art materials are very expensive and can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Act Safely in Art!



Listening to directions with accuracy often avoids accidents and unsafe conditions.


Use tools correctly, if you spill water or art materials clean them up quickly!


Take care when using art materials and equipment to avoid accidents and hurting someone.


Take care and use Enrichment Center activities gently and with respect!


Think about being safe when you do your job, it affects others in the room!






If you do not follow a room rule, accept your consequence.  Say you are sorry and return to your great art work.



It is your duty to listen and know what the project is.

If you make a mistake, correct it and return to your work!  NO BIGGIE!


Take risks with your art work and grow from your mistakes.


Be careful with your work, do your best.


Use the art materials as if they were your own!


Put your Center activity away properly, and clean up after yourself?

Leave enrichment centers quietly!


When it is your time or turn to do an art room job, do it with pride and do it well without being asked.

     Viking Pride!!

How are you doing in art today