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Welcome to Fifth Grade! 

Special’s Schedule: 

Monday: GYM


WednesdayRotating Special

Thursday: MUSIC

Friday:  Technology

Homework:  Your child will receive spelling homework usually once a week.  The five new core spelling words will be sent home each week. You will receive math homework to practice and review skills taught in class. Sometimes your child will need to bring home unfinished class work.  If your child is unable to complete homework by the due date, please send in a note and additional time will be given.  I assign homework for extra concept practice and to assist with student responsibility.  




Friday Folders: A Friday Folder will come home every week.  This folder will contain school communications and corrected student work.  Please return this folder every Monday.  If your child has any “See Me” papers or a less than satisfactory grade please review with your child and ask him/her to bring the returned work to me Monday morning.  I will go over the misunderstood concept during snack or lunch recess.  This will give your child an opportunity to work one on one with me.  This will give you an opportunity to view class work in which your child may need extra support with at home. 


Fifth Grade Monthly Projects/ Genius Hour:  Your child will have the opportunity to participate in an ETK project once a month or work on Genius Hour Project.


Grading Scale: 

A 100-94%                  C  76-74%

A-93-90%                   C-  73-70%

B+ 89-87%                   D+ 69-67%

B 86-84%                     D  66-64%

B-83-80%                    D-  63-60%

C+ 79-77%                   if  59% and below (See Me)



Water Bottles:  Students are able to bring water bottles to school.  I ask they are taken home every Friday to be washed.  It is best if you label your child’s bottle.


Therapy Balls: All of 5th grade students will have the opportunity to sit on yoga/therapy balls this school year.  We will begin the year using chairs and set the expectation for the use of the therapy balls.


Snack Time:  Your child will have an opportunity to eat a nutritious snack in the morning. I will let you know if we are a nut free classroom! 


Book Orders:  I will usually send home book orders and software orders every other month.   I will make suggestions to the students while we review the order forms in class.  If you choose to order, please write one check payable to SCHOLASTIC BOOKS. 


Birthdays:  If you would like to send in a treat for your child’s birthday you may absolutely do so!  We have 32 students in our classroom.  Please let me know if your child has an allergy to certain types of foods, I will pass the information along to all parents at the beginning of the year.


Box-Tops:  WE LOVE BOX TOPS!!!  Please send in box tops throughout the year. The money earned with the box tops will be used to purchase supplies for our classroom.  Last year we were able to purchase books and board games for our classroom.


Buddy Class:  We have two buddy classes.  Mrs. Keddle’s 2nd Grade class.  We will be trying a few new projects this year.  We will be working with Mrs. Keddle's class on some community service projects this year.  


Typical Daily Schedule (Subject to change this year)





*Bathroom break

*Social Studies

* Lunch

*LA (Reading, Writing, Spelling)

*Enrichment Time 


Field Trips

*Camp:  TBA

*Possible trip to Sloan Planetarium